Thursday, November 10, 2011

Our Saturday!

This Saturday, my family and I repaired our fence. It had needed repair for awhile, so it was nice to finally get it fixed. The Lord made it possible. Here's a link to my Mom's blog for the story.

My Dad showed us all how it was done. First, we had to demolish the old fence. We used a hammer to knock down the old posts. Then, we were able to start putting the new posts up. It was actually a lot of fun! I was also able to take pictures of our fence building day, so that made it even more enjoyable. 

I'm sorry this post is so overdue! I'm posting lots of pics here to make up for it. Enjoy!

My Dad and brothers

New posts ready to be screwed into place.

Paige & Grace

Benjamin found this gecko.

The gecko had just jumped out of Benjamin's hands and we were watching it wiggle.

Paige makes me laugh!
Cool Caterpillar.
I love the way it scrunches up like that.
My hair got in this picture! Poor caterpillar!
Benjamin using the drill.

Mom at the drill.
Bradley drilling.

More drilling.
Paige drilling.
Benjamin with his wooden "gun"
Benjamin using his pocketknife.

Benjamin pretending to fall.
Bradley jumping.
Backyard view


 After we finished the fence, my dad took us all to Chick-fil-A! Yum! =) It had been a great day!